Saturday, September 10, 2011

10.00 miles in 1:32:25

i had a small twinge in my right hamstring last night. enough of one to make me limp a bit. i decided when i went to bed that i wasn't going to get up and run. better to rest than to risk further injury.

by this afternoon, i was stir crazy! my leg wasn't bothering me anymore, so i decided i could put in my 90 minutes and not disappoint hal.

i geared up and headed out, promising my wife that i'd run back by after an hour so she could accompany on her bike for the last thirty minutes.

i felt really good at first. my "take it easy" pace was under 8:00. i ran around the south side of town and then headed west out of town for a bit. when i'd gone a little over a half hour, i turned around and took a varied route back into town.

i made it home about two minutes early, so i ran around the block so my wife could get out. she was there when i swung back by the driveway. she rode with me for a little while, but i was running slower than she wanted to ride, so she sped away leaving me to suffer alone.

for the last thirty minutes or so, i made short out and back trips close to home. i hit the 90-minute mark at 9.75 miles or somewhere around that so i just kept going. i was close enough to 10 miles that i "had" to get there.

i was about .15 miles from the 10-mile mark when dan came riding up. he cruised along with me until i hit stop on my garmin and stopped to walk it off. when i got back to the house with dan in tow, i ran inside and grabbed some gatorade and then talked with a friend of dan's who is training for a half marathon in october. he has my number now and we're going to try to get together to run sometime next week. hope he doesn't rip my legs off.
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