Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3.10 miles in 25:47


hal asked me to run three miles. i ran 3.1. i ran over to stout and up to the greenlawn cemetery on the north side of town. i turned in at the entrance while it was still dark and ran along the outside roads. greenlawn is a big cemetery. wow!

i ran the loop and then ran south down stout to highway 54 where i turned east. i ran through the dillon's parking lot and around on random to edgeford, finishing my 5K right in front of my house.

i was cold almost immediately after i stopped running. the sweat combined with the 52 degree ambient temperature made it a bit chilly. still, i walked a block or so before stepping inside. no sense in stiffening up without a proper cool down. my heart rate was down to 107bpm by the time i turned the knob on the front door to go in.
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