Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5.52 miles in 45:02

over the past couple of days, i've been developing pain in the arch of my foot, so i put more arch support in the green swarm to see if it would be relieved some. i felt a few twinges at first, but they soon dissipated and i was able to run as i wished.

i still have not mastered the tempo run. that much is plain to me. i love to run fast when i start out. my first three miles were under 8:00 pace. then the wheels fell off and i struggled for the next two miles. only the last half mile or so felt good again. i thought about continuing on to 10K, but did not feel like it would be of any benefit, so i stopped at hal's prescribed 45 minutes and walked a bit to cool down.

i'm in now, mostly cooled off. breakfast is in oven - apple cinnamon coffee cake! i'm off to get cleaned up and ready for work. have a great day!
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