Friday, September 2, 2011

cool down

i got home from my run, dripping with sweat. i changed quickly into my cycling gear and headed to dan's house. he had told me that he was riding with brandon this morning, so i wanted to get in on at least part of their ride.

i rode past dan's house. his lights were on. i rode past brandon's house. no lights. i rode back to dan's. he was almost ready by that time. i turned around and the two of us rode back to brandon's. brandon was out and ready to go, so we circled around and headed south on stout.

we followed the route of least resistance, the one we do almost every day. i rode with my companions until we got to the turn on lake road. there we parted company and i rode north toward the highway. an 18-wheeler slotted in behind me as i was climbing the short hill up and over the railroad tracks. i'm telling you, the economy must be bad. he drafted off of me all the way to 54. hope i helped his gas mileage.

i headed west on 54 with just enough time to get back home before my 6:30 deadline. the light was timed perfectly for me at 61. it changed just as i was hitting the intersection. woohoo! i rode down and then up and turned on howard to go home. i pulled into my driveway at 6:28. (7.32 miles @ 15.6mph)
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