Saturday, September 3, 2011

8.75 miles in 1:24:22

i set out to run 90 minutes this morning as prescribed by mr. higdon. i ran the first half hour alone and then was joined by my good friend mike for three loops around lemon park.

everything was going fine until i left lemon park in search of a final 30 minutes of running. climbing up the incline on 8th street, gastric distress hit. i ran through it. it hit again. i ran through it. finally, after several attacks, i had to stop to walk. it was that uncomfortable. i walked for a bit and then ran again. i had to walk again. ugh! i hate running sometimes.

i don't remember how many times i had to walk to keep the bear at bay, but i finally decided enough was enough and took the most direct route i could home. even as i approached the house, i toyed with running the final six minutes. about that time urgency returned. i quit. there will be another day.
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