Saturday, September 17, 2011

6.20 miles in 49:17

at last year's run for missions 10K, i ran the first mile of my 10K race in 7:20 and it did me in for the rest of the race. i finished barely under my 54 minute goal. today i ran a 7:26 first mile and felt relatively good. i still slowed down some in the middle of hal's prescribed 10K, but i never really felt like i would have to quit. it was kind of crazy running out on the highway north of town, but the traffic was sparse and the shoulder's wide, so it was actually pretty nice. i ran mostly uphill going out with the wind at my back. finished the first 5K in less than 24 minutes. a good time at that distance for me. i turned around and ran downhill back into town. there were two points at which i felt a little nauseous during the return trip, but it never got bad enough to force me to slow down. i kept pushing it hoping for a new PR and i got one. 49:17 is a full 1:02 faster than the PR i set just 10 days ago. i'm happy with that!
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