Friday, September 9, 2011

3.10 miles in 23:32

i got up at o' dark hundred again this morning. it was 50 degrees with a light wind. perfect running weather! i played a little higdon says and higdon said, "run three miles at race pace." i grabbed my tunes and headed out.

i was feeling kind of sluggish before i started running, a little groggy even, but when i started running what i planned to be an easy warm up i hit sub-8 pace. crazy! since i was already running that fast, i just kept going. i figured this pace was probably higher than i'd do in my half marathon, but it's hard to hold back when you feel good.

it's also hard to keep going when you feel awful. that's what i felt during my second mile. as i climbed up the hill headed east on school street, i suddenly felt nauseous. i slowed up a bit, but refused to stop. after a minute or two the "i've gotta puke" feeling passed and i was able to finish strong.

as usual for me, i couldn't stop at just three miles. i had to add the extra tenth to make it a 5K. it's that distance that i have previous times in. so i did it and this run ended up being one of my best 5K times ever.
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