Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3.10 miles in 26:53


perfect. that's what this morning was. 59 degrees. barely a breath of wind. what more could you ask for?

hal's plan called for a three mile run, so i gave it to him with a little extra. i ran east and took the little hill off terrace down and circled around the run up the hill on maple. i was going to do another loop, but decided to switch things up and run back around to take maple down and the other hill up. i did that and then reversed directions again. i never really got very far from home.

on my last loop as i turned to run down from terrace, i spotted a group of runners ahead of me. i picked up my pace a bit and caught them at the corner. i tried not to startle them, but how does a man not startle a group of ladies in the dark? not sure it's possible. anyway, i said hi and ran on around the loop and up the hill to my finish line.
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