Monday, September 19, 2011

5.24 miles in 49:40

woke up feeling a lot better this morning than i did last monday. i ran this warm up at a good clip, making sure my legs were good and buzzed before my speedwork began.

speedwork hurts. that's all there is to it. push as hard as you can and die. repeat again and again and again. last week's 400m sprints weren't as bad as this week's 800m sprints. on a 400m i knew what to expect having run that distance in high school. the 800m was harder. the first one wasn't so bad, but each one after that got a little bit worse. still, i made it through them. even saw a couple of other runners at the track this time. the guy said he was just starting to run again after several years off. 

i walked away from the track a bit and then ran a nice little 1 mile cool down which finished with a "hello" from sasha the bulldog. she's a nice dog, but pretty protective of her owners.
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