Thursday, September 1, 2011

a rest day ride

my half marathon training plan called for a rest day today, so i went for a nice easy bike ride. the wind was predicted to be out of the southwest, but when i went past several flags early in my ride, they all said the wind was clearly out of the southeast. i adjusted my plan and rode southeast toward glendale.

everything was going along fine until i turned south at the lake. i first noticed a reflective yellow sign in the ditch. as i approached, i stared at it. it read, "loose gravel." a few feet beyond it, there was indeed loose gravel. i'm not sure how long it went on, but it was long enough to make me wonder if the county had completely destroyed my road. then, just about the time i had decided i'd better turn around, it ended.

i rode out to glendale and turned around. the lights of pratt were pretty spectacular this morning. with a clear sky and a view for miles they were brilliant.

i rode back, taking the crown of the road downhill through the gravel, hoping not to fall. i took a spin around the lake and then rode over to lemon for a second little loop before heading home.

tomorrow i've got a 3 mile run on tap and on saturday i've got to get a 90-minute run in before the volleyball tournament begins at 9:00. anyone want to run with me? (20.33 miles @ 15.6mph)
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