Saturday, September 24, 2011

12.00 miles in 1:45:52

this morning's run started with a short warm up with good company. my friend, alicia, and two of her friends came running around the corner just as i was about to hit start on my garmin, so i hit it and ran with them for a little while. they were on a 10-miler. when they stopped to walk, i ran on, wishing them well.

on my own, i continued on around town. i'd wanted for a long time to figure out how to get from the east side of town to the west without dropping clear down to highway 54, so i crossed the railroad tracks at maple and continued on to the west. i wound my way around, made a wrong turn that took me through a hay field and ended up coming in to the north side of town by jumping across a little ditch. on the other side was the trailer court i thought i'd end up in. success!

as i continued on running the streets of the west side of town, the urge hit me. ugh! i was less than 30 minutes into what was supposed to be a hour and forty-five minute run. thankfully, i was close to kwik shop. i stopped in, took care of business and was on my way in less than five minutes.

from kwik shop, i circled around the south side of town, taking lake road to country club and winding through another trailer park before running past wal-mart. running north from wally world, i took a spin around the pratt community college campus before running up to younie's landscaping and heading west toward the cemetery.

from the cemetery, i ran south and then backtracked along the same route i'd taken earlier. i was running stronger at this point, finally dropping under 8:00 pace. when i hit 1:45, i was just under 12 miles, so i ran it out before i stopped. i must admit, i was sorely tempted to continue on to 13.1 miles. i'd have easily been under two hours. i'm happy with what i could get done. more speedwork on monday.
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