Thursday, September 29, 2011

virgin pavement

i called dan last night to see if he'd like to go on a ride this morning. i think he groaned, but he kindly agreed to humor his early-rising friend. we met up at his house at 6:00 and headed toward the bank to gauge the wind direction. the flag wasn't any help hanging limp, so we headed north toward iuka.

just north of the city limits, we hit brand-spankin' new pavement which took us all the way out to iuka. it was beautiful. something to make grown men cry. they hadn't cut new rumble strips into the shoulder yet, so it was even better. we rolled along it happily chatting.

at iuka we turned east and spun around the corners toward the evergreen rest area. we got there, turned around and headed back home. same corners. same awesome pavement. same route back to school street and my driveway.

it was really enjoyable to ride with dan again and to take a break from running.
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