Monday, September 26, 2011

5.27 miles in 39:57

my brain tells me it's a good idea to warm up before a hard workout. every monday, my legs beg to differ. they argued for staying in bed today. they lost. i took a new route from home to the track this morning, running through the hospital parking lot to third street. it seemed like a more direct route and i didn't have to deal with the sharp downhill or uphill on second street.

the pain of running back to back to back miles was about what i thought it would be. awful! i did fine for the first half mile or so and then oxygen deprivation set in. it happened every, stinkin' time! ugh! i'm pretty pleased with my splits, though. i hit 6:46 on my first, 6:52 on my second and 7:00 on my final mile. the first one was a PR for the mile, so i guess i can't complain.

nothing to report, really. i ran hard on the track, walked for a bit and then ran home. not much else to say.
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