Monday, September 5, 2011

5.44 miles in 51:42

i timed my first hill repeats perfectly. i was at camp quaker haven south of arkansas city. the grounds sit several hundred feet above the arkansas river. the road to and from the camp is crazy hilly! woohoo!

i set off with a fuzzy plan to run my eight hill repeats on the same long hill to the east of the camp. i ran down it and then up. when i got to the top, i just kept going. i figured the next couple of miles out to the pavement were hilly enough to count, so i ran west.

up and down and up and down i went, the gravel crunching beneath my feet. the flash, my kinvaras, did remarkably well at shielding my feet from the sharper rocks. the green swarm lets me feel every tiny pebble. still love them for speedwork on pavement, but the flash will be my go to shoe for rougher terrain.

just before my turn around at the pavement, a bit white dog came out to greet me with a loud bark or two. he was pretty tall and didn't show up until i was pretty much past his driveway, so i had to go on. i turned around less than a minute later and kept a wary eye out for him. he was elsewhere on the property and didn't come to say hi again.

i ran back to the camp and on east down that big hill again. i ran up it and then circled around the heart. i was going to make a second loop, but the camp director's dog came out after me and i decided to call it quits. i'd had a decent workout already and i didn't want to keep moving and tempt a bite.
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