Friday, September 2, 2011

3.10 miles in 25:16

i started out my morning with a little 3-miler. i ran down to lemon park by a slightly different route than usual, working my way through sixth street park on my way. i think the city needs to add a few more lights along their walkways in the parks. i nearly ran over a guy twice this morning. of course, it's not the city's fault he was wearing dark colors while walking through their park. more lights would be nice though.

i finished my outbound journey and headed back home by basically the same route. i varied it only after i finished running through the parks. i ran back through the hospital campus and crossed at lawrence because there wasn't any traffic. i could've stopped at my house since the plan only called for a 3-miler, but i always have to go that extra tenth to make it a 5K.
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