Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6.35 miles in 50:01

hal said run for 50 minutes. i ran for 50 minutes. he said, run tempo. i did my best to run tempo, but my middle splits were a bit slow. sorry, hal. i'm pretty happy with my run though. i ran out on highway 54 to the first dirt road headed north. i ran on it until the second road headed west. ran back over to highway 61 and took it south back into town. i turned at maple and hurried down it. i knew i was close to a new PR for 10K again. i hit the lap button at 6.2 miles. the clock read 48:49 - a new PR by 28 seconds! woohoo! i kept running until 50 minutes and stopped to walk home for my cool down. i mentally set a goal of breaking 48 minutes on a 10K early this year. it was unimaginable at that time. i'm beginning to think it might be within reach. time will tell.
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