Thursday, February 24, 2011

1.00 mile in 7:53

i downed a tri-berry gu with caffeine and about 20 ounces of liquid - some gatorade, some water - about 15 minutes before this workout. i wanted to see what i could do on the dreadmill with a little rocket fuel.

i started this one out with the incline set on 5%, running at 8:34 pace. i had stretched out really good before hand, so everything was loose and i felt great! after about a minute, i bumped my pace up to 8:13. when i got used to that pace, i pushed it again, moving up to a 7:53 pace. i reached a comfort zone there after a minute or so. not wanting to get too comfy, i raised the pace to 7:35. i lowered the grade to 4% sometime along the way too. i never really got completely comfortable again, but decided as i approached the mile mark to kick it up one more notch to 7:30. i finished at that pace. just before finishing, i lowered the incline to 2%.

i know i can run faster than this, but i'm still trying to figure out how on a treadmill. i hate that i can't just speed up and make the machine respond to how i feel. clicking buttons isn't natural. no excuses, mind you. i did what i could do and it was better than either of my early morning miles. i'm happy with my effort. i'll be back.
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