Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2.90 miles in 24:49


it's 19 degrees outside with an 23mph east wind. (wind chill: 0) not pleasant conditions for a run, but since when do i worry about such things? maybe tomorrow. no there'll be snow then. i'll put it off for awhile.

my new running partner, my daughter's ball coach, showed up right around 5:30 this morning. i was snooping around on dailymile so i showed off the site before we headed out.

last night he had said he'd like to do 2 or 3 miles. this morning he said, "let's do three." so off we go at a deadly pace. we ran the first 1.05 miles in 8:02. that distance doesn't show up on the garmin readings. i must've double pushed the start/stop button, because the garmin said i'd run 10 feet. 10 feet in 8:02. that's slow!

so i started up the garmin from there and we kept going. i had to stop to tie my shoe close to my partner's house. (his name is jon. i forgot to say that earlier.) stupid laces. we ran on from there and the blasted nausea than occasionally plagues me hit. it hit hard. it was so bad when we turned onto lucky lane, i had to stop to walk. the waves were crashing and i was seasick.

the feeling passed after a bit and we ran the rest of the way back at a much easier pace. i was frustrated. hope he wasn't. we'll see if he wants to do it again. i hope he will. i need someone to push me once in awhile. maybe not quite that hard again for awhile. my average heart rate was 172. i'm guessing that's why if felt lousy.
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