Thursday, February 24, 2011

1.00 mile in 8:31

i don't care what the meter on dailymile says, i burned more than 134 calories during this dreadmill session. i doubt my breakfast did a bit of good. every muffin is burned. all the milk too!

i set the incline at 4% and warmed up for two minutes at 10:00 pace and then ran my third minute at 8:34. my fourth minute was at 7:30 pace. i recovered for two minutes at 8:34 pace and then hit the seventh minute at 7:30 again. i "rested" at 8:34 for 30 seconds and then hit 7:30 once more for 30 seconds. i slowed to 8:34 to finish out the mile i had planned for this workout. ended with a slightly faster time than my earlier run.

i'll do another at noon if i have the time.
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