Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3.11 miles in 27:36

the actual temperature outside was -0.1 when i first got up. the wind chill was somewhere south of that. i forgot to look. all i needed know to dress properly was that it was cold...really, really cold. i put on almost every piece of workout gear i own. i put on my roadID, too, just in case they needed to identify my frozen corpse. it took me 12:01 to get dressed in everything, but my gloves this morning. i timed it. probably would have been faster if i wasn't sitting in front of the computer scanning dailymile while i pulled stuff on. posting a couple of comments slowed me down.

around 5:20 i left the house, gloves and garmin in place. at the corner of pine and vine, i poked the start button and headed north into the teeth of the storm. no snow falling, but there were dozens of drifts i had to navigate. thankfully, tire ruts made paths for me through most of them.

after yesterday's short run, i knew i could endure more the weather's worst for longer than a mile. my plan from the get go today was to run a 5K. i ran my usual route with a couple of variations to avoid the longer northbound sections.

everything was going swimmingly until i started across the railroad tracks the second time. i must not have been lifting my feet very much, because i caught my toe on the track and fell hard. i got up quickly and ran on, but the damage was done. i hurt all over. if you look at my garmin connect overview, you can see the dip in pace between 15:00 and 20:00. that's where i fell.

i did make it home. i guess that's obvious. no frozen corpse. thanks, roadID.
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