Monday, February 28, 2011

2.02 miles in 16:07

my running partner, jon, was finally able to run with me again after a week off for other obligations. he picked an awful day to make his comeback. it was 27 degrees with a strong north wind. brrrrr!

since neither of us really wanted to deal with the north wind much, we decided to run east-west loops with only a block north every time around. it turned out that our loop was almost exactly a mile, somewhere around .96 or .97 miles. jon wanted to do 2 miles, we were pretty happy about the distance.

on the first loop we hit the mile mark at 8:12. on the second loop we picked up our speed a bit and ended with a 7:47 mile. the extra .02 we covered at 7:42 pace. our overall pace, 7:59, wasn't bad at all. i walked a bit to cool down and then decided to run another three miles. that's another post.
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