Saturday, February 5, 2011

2.06 miles in 17:14

i just had to run. i had an hour between when my family all left for their activities and the time i need to leave for mine. life is crazy around here. i was already mostly dressed for running, since i was still wearing my tights after cycling, so i headed out the door and started running.

i didn't really have a plan for the day. i just wanted to run at a pace that wouldn't kill me. i was tired, so recovery felt right. i ran out to main street right away because i knew it was mostly clear and i am, quite frankly, tired of running on snow and ice. hope that storm predicted tomorrow steers clear of here. grrrr!

so i made it to main without to many slips or slides and ran south to just past the city limits. the term city is used very loosely around here. there are around 500 people in argonia. that's a city in kansas. says so on the sign..."city limits".

i turned around and headed back. a quarter mile or so back to the north and i just didn't feel right. it wasn't the worst i've felt, but i didn't like it, so i did something i haven't done in months. i slowed down and started walking. i just wanted to get everything back under control.

i walked a block and then started running again. i felt better and made it home without further problems. now, if you'll excuse me, i've got to leave. there's a basketball tournament i'm expected at in less than an hour.
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