Thursday, February 17, 2011

moonlit ride

the moon was so bright this morning! eerily beautiful and full! on the way back, there were several times i looked over my shoulder thinking a car was coming. just the moon. i love riding in the moonlight.

i don't love riding in the wind, however. it was a bit blustery this morning. the wind, according to the weatherbug and the forecast, was supposed to be out of the SSW. i believed since they matched that a ride west would give me a tailwind on the way back. sneaky weather people! they lied! i rode to the west, gliding along. my cadence was crazy fast and my legs felt great. then i turned around and the wind was in my face. i was not happy. i bled speed like crazy. the same effort that was cranking out 19mph speeds on the way out, would only give me 17mph headed east. grrrrrr! grrrrrr! that's a double growl. not many rides get that kind of treatment.

actually, i have nothing to complain about. i got to ride. it was 52 degrees. i was tempted to ride in shorts only and skip the tights, but couldn't do it. it's got to be a bit warmer to bike with legs exposed. maybe next time.
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