Friday, February 4, 2011

back in the saddle

yes, this is a bike ride. can you believe it? it's been several weeks since my last one. does anyone even remember that i am a cyclist? sorry for the long hiatus. between the weather and my back injury, biking has been out for awhile. it's back in the mix now.

i had to walk my bike a couple of blocks to find dry pavement before i actually swung my leg over the top tube. i clicked in and started rolling toward the highway, weaving in and out through the slalom course of small ice and snow patches. i made it onto U.S. 160 and headed west toward danville.

i intended to ride 10-12 miles at whatever speed my legs would give me. they were happy as clams to be pedaling, i guess, because they whipped the cranks around just as quickly as i asked them too.

a few miles out of town, i started comparing my garmin info with the readout on my bike's cyclocomputer. they weren't quite matching up. the garmin showed me going about 1.5mph faster than the cateye. does anyone else have this problem. i don't trust that cateye much, but i thought it was a bit more accurate than that. cycling garmin users, comments please!

so i made it out six miles and turned around. i enjoyed the wind at my back. the sky to the north was clearing a bit, so i smiled at the blue and pedaled on. about five miles from town, my cyclocomputer quit reading altogether. an ugly zero, kind of like the one that appears on dailymile every monday, was all that was there. grrrrr! i've either got to get a new one of these things or figure out what's wrong with this one.

so i rolled back into town and turned south on pine. i stopped my garmin before i hit the snowpack and then rolled slowly all the way back to the house. i didn't fall over, but i had a foot unclipped just to make sure i could catch myself if i started tipping.

all in all, a good first ride back. i'll post the garmin info later. garmin connect is down for maintenance right now. (12.27 miles @ 16.2mph)
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